Antler Place Card Holder

Antler Place Card Holder

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A lovely rustic design to add an elegant touch to your event tables. Use these antlers to display table numbers or hold photos.

Doubling up as placecard holders or photo holders, these elegant rustic design antlers will add a classy finish to your event tables.

They are fashioned from poly resin and feature an intricately carved realistic design in a white finish. The antlers are perfectly placed to slip in a blank placecard which is included or a photo when your guests use it at home.

Special events are defined by their decor themes and these antlers are ideal for a classy rustic style function, indoors or outdoors,

Size 2 5/8" x 1" 1/8"
Rustic design white antler placecard holder / photo holder
Made of poly resin in a intricately carved realistic design
Finished in a white color
Antlers are perfectly placed to slip in a photo or placecard
Bulk packed
Blank placecard is included
An elegant and stylish addition to your tables for a rustic themed function!