Goddess Luxury Laundry Soap

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Our luxury laundry soap is perfect for your delicates and favorite boutique clothing.  A fine mix of florals, amber and vanilla with a hint of cocoa. The goddess is admired or idealized for finding inner peace, leading an authentic life and empowering the feminine self. She's the star of her own show.  PHOSPHATE FREE, SULFATE FREE, CHEMICAL FREE, DYE FREE, GENTLE FORMULA for your most prized fabrics and linens. Machine Wash Instructions: Use 1 tablespoons per average size load.  Pro Tip: Mix 1 part goddess soap with 3 parts unscented detergent to make your goddess luxury soap last a little longer. Hand Wash: 1 teaspoon per cup of water Please follow instructions on the clothing garment tag for wash temperature and drying. SMALL - 4 oz MEDIUM - 16 oz LARGE - 32 oz   ingredients: water; coconut, hemp, sunflower seed, jojoba and olive (cleaning agent blend); sodium bicarbonate (cleaning agent); proprietary oil blend (scent)