Mermaid Monofin

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Child Monofins fit child tails sizes Med-X Large. Adult Monofins fit Adult tails sizes Small-Large. Toddler sized tails are not designed for use with a monofin.

Our patent-pending mermaid monofin (swim flipper) is the best monofin available. Not only does it help you swim like a real mermaid, it keeps feet from sliding around, is so comfortable to wear, and won't break.

Unlike other monofins, our swim fins do not require any babying. You can bounce on the tips, push off pool walls, even hop around in them without any fear of the fin breaking -- though you can break so please be careful.


A specially engineered plastic fin is far more durable than brittle plastics that crack even under normal use.

Function hidden in beauty! The fin's realistic fish-tail like ridges add strength to keep the monofin from breaking.

Flexible, but not too flexible! Our monofin aids in propulsion better than the competition while keeping feet secure and still remaining comfortable to wear.

We've eliminated stiff rubber foot pockets and uncomfortable straps that cause blisters. Our soft foot pocket is stretchy and self-adjusts to fit a wide range of foot sizes!

Unique design separates your feet comfortably - soft fabric cushions your feet (they don't rest on plastic). Your feet are comfortably encased in individual foot pockets; ankles and heels won't bang together, and your feet don't slide around inside. This makes performing fancy mermaid turns and flips much easier!

Patent-pending design provides form and function.

It comes in fun colors so you can wear your monofin all by itself, and it's still easy to see in the water. Swimmers who aren't into a mermaid tail skin love wearing monofins alone.