Mermaid Tail Bundle Set in Sea Coral

Mermaid Tail Bundle Set in Sea Coral

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Our Tails are made from the best 4-way nylon/spandex stretch mix with the original unbreakable monofin already inside and ready to go! This Mermaid Tail was created because of the beautiful artwork of Catalina Garreton. She painted the beautiful design. We took her painting and transferred the artwork to a fabric. You will not find this mermaid tail anywhere else! The Tails are original, individual and spectacular — like you ❤️️

Tails are made so that one size fits most within the size categories listed below and come with our Lifetime Guaranteed

Please Note our monofin was specifically designed for mermaiding, they have a low profile and give plenty of surface area to help you glide through the water with a lot of power. All our mono-fins also come with a lifetime guarantee.

If it breaks...we replace it...FOREVER.

Did we mention our monofin is the only REAL ECO-FRIENDLY FIN on the market?! 

Made from 100% recycled material, our mon-fins support clean oceans ...we are mermaids after all!

 Size Info:

-Toddler (NO MONOFIN)

Toddler Tails fit little ones weighing between 20-45 lbs-These tails are carefully designed with safety in mind, keeping their feet free to walk and swim safely.

-Child Mermaid/Child Mer-Boy Size 
Weight: 50lbs - 90lbs 
Shoe Size: 1 - 4 (US Youth)

 *Recommended for ages 6 to 10 

Weight: 50lbs - 90lbs 
Shoe Size: 4 - 12 (US Youth)

 *Recommended for ages 10 & up

-Adult Mermaid
Weight: 90lbs - 150lbs
Shoe Size: 4 - 12 (US Women's); 2 - 10 (US Men's)