Skin Plumping Reusable Neck Wrinkle Reducer Silicone Pad

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Neck wrinkles, turkey neck, and tech neck can all be helped and treated with Dreambox Beauty Skin Plumping Reusable Neck Wrinkle Patches delivering you an overnight neck lift free of the alarming 'tech neck wrinkles’! Ideally worn overnight while you sleep, our anti-wrinkle patches are reusable and 100% Medical Grade Silicone. Dreambox Beauty's reusable patches comfortably hug your skin, gently compressing it to stay flat and smooth from being able to crease or wrinkle. The Plump Treatment Pad intensifies hydration and supports the skin’s ability to retain moisture, increasing blood flow and helping to boost collagen production. See results in just a few hours! Benefits Encourages plump, hydrated and rejuvenated skin. Can smooth out existing wrinkles and helps prevents new wrinkles from forming. Helps reduce the signs of aging due to gravity, sun damage on and under the skin. Boosts the production of collagen that helps to repair and firm the skin. Reusable medical grade silicone.