Stemless Wine Tumbler (Set of 4) (Tritan Unbreakable)-PERSONALIZED

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Set of 4 Unbreakable Stemless Wine Tumblers. Each tumbler holds 15 oz. Enjoy the glass-like brilliance and weight with the confidence of unbreakable performance. Our unbreakable beverageware is dishwasher safe, made in USA, and BPA FREE! Can be custom etched with an inital, monogram, name or even your favorite motif or phrase. Tritan is similar to polycarbonate (Lexan) in durability however is BPA FREE. Tritan Care: Hand wash using soft sponge/cloth and gentle detergent. Do not use abrasive/scrub sponges or brushes. Dishwasher safe, top rack only. Low, normal or regular dishwasher cycles only! Do not use higher temperature settings (over 140 degrees F) such as Â??heavy dutyÂ??, Â??sanitizeÂ??, or Â??pots & pansÂ?? as higher temperatures may damage beverageware. Turn off any Â??heat dryÂ?? or Â??heated dryÂ?? settings; these high temperature settings may damage beverageware. "Energy Star", Bosch, Meile, Thermador & Viking dishwashers may have hot water temperatures greater than 140 degrees. Many higher-end dishwashers also offer a "steam clean" cycle. If you own any of these machines, your Tritan products must be hand washed No plastics can survive the high temperatures that these dishwasher use; we cannot be responsible for any damage caused by putting Tritan items in dishwashers. Although Tritan is heat resistant, it is not recommended for use in the microwave. Failure to follow these guidelines may void any manufacturerÂ??s warranty. Do not use nail polish remover or turpentine, as these will damage the plastic. Dry with a soft, nonabrasive lint free cloth.